Careers Area

Based on the conviction that everyone has their own special talents, the personal development of its people is key to Group performance and development.

In-service training

MDSE supports its employees in developing their skills throughout their careers by providing them with a broad range of learning opportunities, such as collective and individual training and personalized support programs, such as mentoring and coaching.

Intergenerational interaction

At MDSE, we believe in the many benefits of inter generational interaction, which is why we promote tutorship – especially for our interns – and Reverse Mentoring, which enables our young employees to pass on their digital skills to their more experienced elder colleagues.

Internal mobility

As a leader in the energy industry and energy services with a presence in Balkans MDSE offers its people a diverse and varied range of career and internal mobility opportunities.

This mobility policy is designed to reconcile the goals of the Group with the wishes of its people by encouraging the sharing of skills and the development of innovation.

 Commitments and HR policies

The MDSE HR ambition reflects its commitments : to enhance and develop the human capital of the Group in all its diversity by implementing an open and innovative human resources policy that creates value for everyone in the company and all its customers.

This ambition is evident in the Group’s managerial culture, its employees’ crucial involvement in its financial results and long-term strategic objectives, and the development of a high-quality dialogue within the Group.