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Natural gas is a clean, affordable and domestic natural resource.  Instead of paying in advance to keep your oil tank filled, with natural gas you pay for what you use after you use it. Other benefits include lower energy bills, more comfort and less work (no oil deliveries to schedule, charcoal to gather, wood to chop).

On average, customers who switch to natural gas heat from oil or electricity save hundreds of dollars per year. You can save more every year when you convert your water heater from electric to natural gas.

MDSE installs only the gas service line. But we will contact a contractor to purchase and install the equipment (natural gas heater, water heater, dryer, range, fireplace, etc.). For a list of qualified contractors in your area.

In general, it takes two to six weeks from the time you request natural gas service until the installation is complete.

Normally connection fee is set and regulated by the ministry of energy or via the energetic agency. These costs will also be outlined in your Customer Agreement.

MDSE will secure all required street rights of way and permits; your In-house contractor will obtain permits for work done inside of your home.

MDSE crews will need to dig a trench to install gas facilities. MDSE crews make every effort to minimize the disruption on how the trenching may impact your property.

Please contact an MDSE contractor to review your propane equipment and provide you with information about whether the equipment can be converted. Your contractor will provide information about costs associated with the conversion

Yes. The distribution lines installed by MDSE meet the construction specifications of regulated gas utilities. In addition, the MDSE’s line installation is subject to audit by the state’s public utility commission. Systems are monitored by professional maintenance crews to identify and correct any problems in a timely manner. The safety of the residents of your community is the MDSE’s primary consideration.